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Veneer Cutting Machine (Double Pulling)

Veneer Cutting Machine (Double Pulling)

Veneer Cutting Machine (Double Pulling)

Product ID: CH-1160, CH-1370, CH-1820, CH-2200, CH-2730, CH-3030, CH-3100


Micro-Computer use 7"Color Touch Screen
˙Micro-computer controlled 7"color touch screen, 100 set micro computer control. Automatic display Backgauge position, Memory 2,000 point.

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  • Double pulling blade
    • Using two sets turbines and gear wheel transmissions, double drive arms pulling Knife is able to provide high speed, strength, accuracy and durable.
  • Photo-sensor for safety.
  • The back guard equip with precise balls-crew and linear bearing for smooth movement, exact position-setting , wearing endurance.
  • Labor – saving , quickly structure for change Knife.
    • Lifting knife by the mechanism principle to change the knife efficiently and safely.
  • Optical cutting line correct cutting position.
  • Work table slot is cover by the belt , avoid the paper dust drop into the slot.
  • Specially designed powerful electro-magnetic brake clutch avoids accidental second- time knife cutting.
  • Machine safe pin avoid accidental knife cutting.
  • Hydraulic system equip with double- pull type and two step hydraulic device.
  • Cutting use : veneer, suitable for paper, cardboard, corrugated paper, thin plastics(PVC, PE, PP, PU), leather slice, slice fiber cloth, thin glass, clothes, cork, etc.
  • Metric, Taiwanese, and British system of computerized, measure setting for your free options.
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Spec/Model  CH-1160 CH-1370 CH-1820 CH-2200 CH-2730 CH-3030 CH-3100
A-Cutting Thickness  160mm  160mm  160mm  160mm 110mm 110mm 110mm
Cutting Width  1160mm 1370mm 1820mm 2200mm 2730mm 3030mm 3100mm
Cutting Length  1160mm 1370mm 1820mm 2200mm 1000mm 1000mm 1000mm
Front Table Length  630mm   630mm   630mm   630mm 490mm 490mm 490mm
Table Height  860mm 860mm 860mm 860mm 860mm 860mm 860mm
Total Machine Length 2705mm 2850mm 2990mm 3300mm 2470mm 2470mm 2470mm
Machine Width  2800mm 3070mm 3520mm 3900mm 4070mm 4310mm 4380mm
Machine Height  1620mm  1620mm  1620mm  1620mm 1750mm 1750mm 1750mm
Electrical Supply (Dia./N)  ψ3/220V  ψ3/220V  ψ3/220V  ψ3/220V ψ3/220V ψ3/220V ψ3/220V
Net Weight (kg)  4500kg 5000kg 6000kg 9000kg 6500kg 7000kg 8000kg
Main Motor  3HP 5HP 7.5HP 7.5HP 5HP 7.5HP 7.5HP
Hydraulic Motor  2HP 2HP 3HP 3HP 3HP 3HP 3HP

Paper Feeding Motor

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